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Accreditation for Customers
Maintain Accreditation - Customer
Maintain Accreditation - Customer
Written by Yang Li
Updated over a week ago

NOTE: To use the NHVR Portal the user must:

  • have a production Portal account;

  • have the required Permission level to submit application

  • be logged in to Portal and

  • completed the verification process (this is a once-off process).

1. Navigate to Accreditation via the menu

2. For 'maintain' to display, there must be an active accreditation module available.

3. Select “Which Module(s) do you want to Maintain?”, Add nickname (optional) and START.

4. Move through Vehicle and/or Driver detail fields pending on Module(s) you selected to Maintain by selecting NEXT.

5. Complete Audit details by entering “Auditor”, “Audit location” and “Date of Audit” before selecting NEXT.

6. Complete rest of Workflow before Submitting application. *Any mandatory fields that haven’t been entered will display red until completed.

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