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Submit application - Customer Vehicle Standards
Submit application - Customer Vehicle Standards
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NOTE: To use the NHVR Portal the user must:

  • have a production Portal account;

  • have the required Permission level to submit application; and

  • be logged in to Portal.

  1. Navigate to Vehicle Standards

  2. Select type of application to be completed.

    Note: This instruction will use IPS as an example however the process is similar for Exemption and Modification applications.

  3. Select required action for the application.

  4. Start an application:

    1. Enter a nickname for the application if required.

    2. Select Start.

    3. Application is created and saved in Draft mode. The application can now be found in the Application list.

  5. Follows the workflow steps to complete the application.

If there is any information missing as you progress through the workflow, it will be highlighted in red. You will not be able to submit your application until this is correctly completed.

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