Adding a new asset

A guide to adding a new asset to the Digital Asset Management Interface

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Adding a new asset in the new Digital Asset Management Interface

Step One: Asset Details

You will be required to populate the fields displayed with relevant data. Please note that some fields displayed are optional (indicated with the word ‘optional’).

When all necessary fields are filled, select ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step Two: Spatial Details

Enter an address in the Address Search field to locate a position on the map. You can double click the map or zoom in using the mouse scroll until the desired level of detail is displayed.

The map view can be changed (i.e. to satellite), by using the layer icon located at the top right of the map.

If the pin is moved for greater accuracy, the geographic coordinates will change according to the pin placement. You can see these in the top right corner.

When you are happy with the pin placement, select ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step Three: Comments

Enter any comments as desired noting that there is a limit of 400 characters.

Once completed select ‘Next’ to proceed to the Review tab.

Step Four: Review

Review the fields you have populated and then select "Save"


For all new assets the status will default to 'Draft'.

Once all mandatory fields are populated and validated, the status can be updated to 'Active'.

The option to submit will be available after all required fields have been populated and the asset can be moved from Draft to Active.


During the data entry process, any mandatory fields which are missing will be flagged in red. If a section is missing information, this will also be indicated in the progress indicator at the top of the page (i.e. if spatial details are missing, the spatial section will have an icon indicating there are errors inside that particular area).

You can navigate back to a section via the ‘Previous’ button or by selecting the applicable icon along the progress indicators.

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