Navigating the Interface

An introduction to navigating the Digital Asset Management Interface

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Basic Navigation of the new Digital Asset Management Interface

Show & Hide Columns

To show or hide columns on the interface select or deselect headings. This will allow you to display only the information you require.


The filter functionality allows you to display asset information that is relevant to your specific requirements. i.e. only Bridges in NSW or; only assets with a 'Tier 2' Assessment Type etc. Toggle the filters functionality to refine to your individual needs.

Add & Edit Views

To create a personalised view within the interface, you can utilise the show & hide columns & filter functionality to set up the interface to your requirements. To save this view, select "Add/edit views" and enter a name for the view you have created and select the '+' icon.

If you would like to edit a saved view you can select the view from the list and click the pencil icon. This will allow you to update the name of the view or change the fields displayed. Once completed, select the tick icon to save your changes.

If you would like to delete a view, select the cross icon.

Download Button

This allows you to download your currently displayed content in .csv format.

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