To access the vehicle registrations search controller method you need to establish an API user to access the NHVR Developer Platform. For a step by step guide see Logging into the Developer Platform.

Using the vehicle registration search API

The vehicle registration search API is exposed from the VehicleRegistration controller from the NHVR Portal - Vehicle Service.

Every call to the vehicle registration search API should include the following headers:






All calls are made using JSON data structures


Your subscription key for the NHVR Portal API

The subscription key uniquely identifies you to the NHVR Portal API

The search endpoint uses the GET method and has three parameters:

  1. qs

  2. coordinate

  3. utcoffset

qs and coordinate

The vehicle plate number should be provided against the qs parameter.

The longitude and latitude of the location from which the caller identifies the vehicle registration should be provided against the coordinate parameter.

The qs and coordinate parameters are both required to perform a search.{"longitude": 123.0998233, "latitude": 89.9232332}

UTC offset

The registration expiry date is returned based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) with a UTC offset of 600. To return an expiry date corrected for the caller's timezone the caller should provide their local UTC offset against the utcoffset parameter.


The full vehicle registration search API specification is available on the NHVR Developer Platform:

The return results schema is provided below for quick reference:

"vehicleId": "",
"vehicleVin": "*************1234",
"vehicleMake": "MACK",
"vehicleModel": "R700 SUPER-LINER",
"vehicleYearManufactured": 1989,
"vehicleChassisNumber": "AJ123456",
"vehicleBodyType": "Flat top truck",
"vehiclePrimaryColour": "Cream",
"vehicleTareMass": 9.2,
"vehicleGvm": 23.2,
"vehicleGcm": 45.1,
"registrationJurisdiction": "ACT",
"registrationPlateNumber": "HVPLATE",
"registrationEndDate": "2022-07-24T00:00:00Z",
"registrationChargeCode": "SP3",
"registrationConcessionType": "Primary producer (heavy trailers)",
"registrationStatus": "Registered",
"registrationLastUpdated": "2022-07-24T00:00:00Z",
"isPbsVehicleApproved": true,
"dangerousGoods": {
"classes": [
"licenceNumber": "DVB000000",
"expiryDate": "2024-07-24T00:00:00Z",
"condition": ""
"pbsRecords": [{
"vehicleApprovalNo": "123"
"avmrecords": [{
"label": "Q123456",
"moduleMass": true,
"moduleMaintenance": true

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