The NHVR Developer Platform uses the same user profiles associated with accounts in the NHVR Portal. The first step to accessing the NHVR Developer Platform is to nominate 'API' users on your account within the account management section of the NHVR Portal.

Nominate an API user

Open and login to the NHVR Portal: You must be an account administrator to perform this action.

  1. Navigate to account management by using the account menu in the top navigation bar.

  2. On the account management screen scroll down to the API Users sections

  3. You can nominate up to three users on your account to be able to access the NHVR Developer Platform APIs.

API user roles and permissions

The NHVR recommends a dedicated email account is established for API user profiles rather than sharing the profile of an active user on the NHVR Portal.

The roles and permissions setup for an API user on the NHVR Portal are the same roles and permissions the user has when accessing the NHVR Developer Platform APIs.

The NHVR recommends API users are given only the roles and permissions required to access the required API services.

Logging into the Developer Platform

Open the NHVR Developer Platform:

Click on the Login / Sign up button on the top right of the navigation bar. Login using the API user email and password.

Subscribe to the NHVR Portal API Package

Click on the Products menu item and select the NHVR Portal API Package.

Enter you organisation name into the subscription name field/

Click on the show link next to the 'I agree to the Terms of Use' to review.

Click on the checkbox to agree to the terms of use and then click Subscribe.

You will be automatically redirected to the User profile screen where you will find your subscription keys and management tools for regenerating keys or cancelling your subscription.

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