Next Generation Route Planner

Introducing the Next Generation Route Planner

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The Route Planner is now powered by Open Street Maps to allow access to accurate road data that can be updated in near real-time.

The open data model of the base maps gives the ability to download routing information and use in spatial systems.

The new routing engine incorporates design for heavy vehicle travel rather than light vehicles. This will in turn assist with a more accurate heavy vehicle routing experience and minimise routing errors.

We are enhancing routing and mapping capabilities of the routing engine in stages. We want to deliver a nationally consistent, intelligent, route planning platform to assist the needs of the heavy vehicle industry.

Watch our webinar to see what is changing in the Road Planner Tool as well as future Roadmap.


  • Operators now have access to easier, more accurate route planning with the release of the NHVR’s Next Generation Route Planner.

  • The new mapping system is designed for heavy vehicles, meaning operators have access to more accurate heavy vehicle road network data.

  • This will make it easier for operators to plot their general access route ‘first time’ without routing errors, helping to reduce permit application processing times.

  • The Downloadable Routing feature will allow operators to retrieve historic access data and present it in a meaningful way in their own virtual mapping tools and in-cab devices. Previously this information was only available in PDF format.

Road Managers

  • Changes to the base maps by professional and civilian cartographers are made in near real-time ensuring the most up–to-date base map is available allowing for Road Managers to effectively manage their Area of Responsibility concerning heavy vehicles.

  • Access to better routing information for industry will reduce the load on local and state road managers to review permits and provide consent.

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