Industry and Road Managers alike have spoken and the NHVR has listened!

Transportation companies, drivers, council & state road managers have been asking for a national mapping solution for the Heavy Vehicle industry. In response the NHVR has taken real action, making a substantial investment in the National Spatial Program.

  • This Program will provide road managers with a centralised self-service tool to update heavy vehicle networks in near-real time. The NHVR will present a consistent and accurate single national heavy vehicle map.

  • The existing NHVR Route Planner will be transformed into the Next Generation Route Planner that can then be used for intelligent routing purposes.

  • Road Managers will also be given the ability to add conditions against specific segments of road unique to their environment. This will assist the NHVR facilitate the determination of valid and safe routes - presently this level of granularity is simply not available in a spatial format - this is where the NHVR comes in.

  • A self service model improves turnaround times for permit requests. This will also improve productivity and efficiency, and contribute to the well-being and safety of our most precious resource, the drivers.

  • What we're building is the first of its kind in Australia and quite possibly the world giving significant productivity & economic benefits for all aspects of the heavy vehicle supply chain.


A prototype has been developed focussing on realising benefits for Road Managers, Transport Operators and the NHVR Access team consisting of an:

  1. Interactive map, NHVR Maps (formerly named Way2Go!)

  2. Direct road ownership and management of roads by designated Road Managers

  3. Creation and amendment of Heavy Vehicle Pre-Approved and Gazetted networks in partnership with participating state road authorities.

Features and benefits of the National Spatial Program

NHVR Maps will allow the NHVR to capture, assess and utilise a wide range of geospatial data that will service a wide range of business needs . Once completed we envision this new platform will:

  • Provide intelligent routing & dynamic mapping capabilities to optimise the heavy vehicle industry access movements using the most suitable routes

  • Display gazetted and pre-approved networks consistently and accurately from a single source of truth

  • Self-Service for road managers to update gazetted & pre-approved routes for improved ability for more efficient response to industry

  • Provide instant alert features during times of natural disasters and emergencies

  • Ability to push routes (maps) to industry systems via in-cab or mobile devices

  • Leading to a Heavy Vehicle Enforceable Network (HVEN) – single source of authoritative national transport network spatial data

Contact the Spatial Program

To learn more about our roadmap or anything about the program, please contact us at or use the chatbot feature at the bottom right of this screen.

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