Managing Assets

A guide to managing assets in the new Data Asset Management Interface

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An overview of the manage asset tab within the new Digital Asset Management Interface

Navigating to the manage asset tab

Selecting the Asset Id or RM Asset Id related to a record within the Asset Register will take you to the Manage Asset tab.

This tab enables review of all information recorded for the asset. At the top of the page a progress bar (with ticks) shows you the Asset, Spatial, Comments and Review sections. Selecting any of these will take you to the associated page for review as required.

An overview of each section is recorded below:


The asset status can be set to ‘Draft’, ‘Active’ or ‘Archived’:

Draft to Active: For an asset to be reclassified from 'Draft' to 'Active', all mandatory fields must be populated.

Archived: To move an asset into 'Archived', the user must have the required administrative privileges.


The spatial details section provides a map view of the asset in which a pin marking the placement of the asset is visible. The pin can be dragged for accuracy which will amend the Geographic Coordinates (located to the top right). The map view can be changed (i.e. to satellite view) using the layer icon in the top right corner of the map screen.


Comments allows you to view or record any associated comments which relate to the asset.


This is the default view displaying the column headings in the Asset Register and associated information. Information can be edited using the pencil edit icons.

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